Fuel Surcharge

The present transport industry is experiencing tremendous fluctuation in costs due to changes in fuel prices. Hence, fuel surcharge is more prone to undergo a rise, fall or elimination in sync with the changes in fuel prices.

Trans Air Express regularly updates the fuel surcharge on every shipment on a monthly basis. This is done in adherence to the following:
  • Kerosene-type-jet-fuel price variation
  • Domestic fuel price fluctuation
  • International Monetary Fund publishing Crude Barrel prices.

The company reserves the right to apply similar price or make changes in fuel prices as per requirement. In addition, the duration and amount of the surcharge will be determined at the sole discretion of the company. For latest updates on fuel surcharge index, keep visiting this page every month. This will help in making an informed decision before requesting quotes for logistics and transportation services.

Carriers, shippers and customers can avail exact fuel surcharge with Fuel Surcharge Index that simplifies and creates fairness in fuel surcharge calculations for every load moved.

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